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Kiwi Bacon launches 100% NZ range


In a move that responds to Kiwi consumers’ love of great tasting New Zealand produced food, Kiwi Bacon has launched a full range of 100% New Zealand farmed bacon. The announcement means all Kiwi bacon and ham products will be sourced in New Zealand and are guaranteed to be 100% NZ meat.

Kiwis premium range, the award winning Kiwi Heritage label will now be 100% NZ free farmed, with meat sourced from Patoa Farms in Canterbury.

“Kiwi Bacon’s mission has always been to bring the best tasting bacon to New Zealand consumers and this is what we believe we have done with the new 100% NZ Farmed range”, says Peter Reidie, Managing Director at Goodman Fielder Dairy and Meats.

Our research shows that 84% of Kiwis prefer to buy NZ farmed bacon and the launch of this range means Kiwi is now the principal supplier of bacon that is 100% NZ farmed. The majority of bacon available in supermarkets is made from imported meat so the launch creates a real point of difference for the Kiwi brand. We have listened to what is important for consumers and what they want to eat for breakfast and we’ve satisfied this demand. We are also very pleased to be able to include free farmed products in our range and we expect this to be a growing part of our business said Mr Reidie.

The new packaging and 100% NZ farmed label mean it is easy for consumers to make an informed choice about where their meat comes from. Because the meat comes from New Zealand consumers can be assured that it comes fresh from New Zealand farms, contains no growth hormones, and has been independently welfare approved. Futhermore Kiwi products contain no MSG or gluten.

The new Kiwi 100% NZ Farmed and Kiwi Heritage 100% NZ Free Farmed Bacon range will be in store from mid March.

The Kiwi 100% NZ Farmed Bacon range is available in Kiwi 100% NZ Shoulder (200g, 500g and 700g), Kiwi 100% NZ Middle (200g, 400g and 600g), Kiwi 100% NZ Streaky (250g and 400g) and Kiwi 100% NZ Eye (250g).

The Kiwi Heritage 100% NZ Free Farmed Bacon range is available in Kiwi Heritage Free Farmed Triple Smoked (200g and 400g) and Kiwi Heritage Free Farmed Honey Cured (200g and 400g).


For further information please contact:

Frederika Walls
09 979 2018 or 021 982 105

Freya Munro-Goodey
09 979 2006 or 021 040 6330

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